FTTH Internet Services

FTTH Internet Services

FTTH means Fiber to the premises. Premises can be home, school, institution or office etc. Fiber technology provides unlimited bandwidth capabilities and offers today’s fastest high-speed data connectivity. Fiber-optics uses light to transmit data, a totally different architecture from that used by ADLS or VSAT. Netpark Communication Fiber-to-the-Premises enables a wide variety of uses, from real time applications, web based applications, telemedicine, VoIP & Video. FTTB is extremely flexible to customer preference.

Advantages, Key Features and Benefits:

• Extremely high performance connectivity virtually unlimited bandwidth speeds (Gbps)

• Additional capacity available on demand

• Low Latency

• Extremely reliable and “future proof”

• Multiple functions on a single platform – With the extremely high data capacity of Fiber, your business can run multiple applications, VOIP, Video and Data without any noticeable service degradation.

• High quality two-way video conferencing

• Increased enablement of employee productivity

• Quicker backups

• Netpark Communication services are supported by a stringent service level agreement (SLA) ensuring maximum uptime

• 24×7 support – Help desk manned by experienced engineers around the clock

• 24×7 network monitoring and fault detection

• Commitment to quality – That only Netpark Communication can deliver

• Unlimited Access to the internet – As a customer you are allowed to enjoy the service you have paid for without limitation of a data cap.

• No hidden Costs – Complete transparency, you get what you pay for.

• Netpark Communication is available 24×7, 365 days a year at a fixed subscription rate thus allowing better cost control for budgeting purposes.

• Easily Upgradeable – Users can upgrade their service and get additional capacity without having to invest in additional equipment.

• Fully Transparent Usage Statistics – Users can check their bandwidth utilization online

• Managed Quality of Service (QoS)