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Who is Netpark Communication Internet Service Provider?

Connecting Dhaka’s Population to High-Speed Fibre Broadband

Netpark Communication (ISP) is one of Dhaka’s Internet Service Provider that actually operates its’ own network. Many providers wholesale their services from larger internet companies and as a result are limited in what they can offer, and how they can offer, their services. By owning our network, we are able to ensure that our customers receive the highest level of service.

It is the long term strategic goal of Netpark Communication (ISP) to be the leading internet service provider. Providing high-speed broadband connections to residential and business communities in both existing and new developments around Mohammadpur, Adabor and Dhanmondi Area.

How do we delivery the internet?

Internet is delivered to your building via our own FTTH policy. Depending on the building infrastructure Netpark Communication (ISP) uses Fibre and/or Fixed Wireless to deliver services. Using these technologies, we are ensuring our users will always have access to the highest speed options.

Unlike our competition, we own the entire network including the equipment in the building and the fibre optics used to deliver the service to the building. This allows Netpark Communication (ISP) to provide our customers with speed options and price points that are otherwise not available.

Any repair or service work is performed by our technicians and our 24x7x365 Network Operations Centre monitors all aspects of the Netpark Communication (ISP) network ensuring that our users always have the service available.

The Netpark Communication (ISP) Difference with Fibre to the Basement (FttB)

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