• Zero Building Cost

For new developments within our own Network with more than 100 apartments, FTTH broadband access is mandatory and can be expensive. Setup for the FTTH can cost building owners up to BDT 5000 per apartment.
Whether it’s a new building or older apartment complex and regardless of size, Netpark Communication (ISP) will install the necessary equipment needed to access the service at zero cost – we bill tenants accessing the service under our fixed priced plans.

• Symmetrical Connections

Unlike other Operator’s plans, upload speeds with Netpark Communication (ISP) are as fast as downloading – meaning you can make video calls, engage in online conferencing, gaming and other activities requiring high-speed, low-latency and reliable two way connections.

• Value

Netpark Communication (ISP) is priced to keep the monthly cost low; offering real value for money, plans are fixed and do not change unless you want a higher subscription plan.

• High-Speed Connectivity

Our internet solutions are low-latency and offer speeds many times faster than that of conventional Bangladesh’s broadband plans; with plans for individual subscribers available up to 50 Mbps. We’re so fast; Netpark Communication (ISP)’s service is verified to streaming bandwidth intensive 4K (UHD, Ultra-HD) videos.
Not only does Netpark Communication (ISP) ensure you get the speed you pay for, but it stays reliably fast – even during peak times.

• Unlimited Data

Forget about quotas and never worry about slowdowns again. You will be able to surf, shop, create, and communicate to their heart’s content with our unlimited data plans.

• 24/7

In the unlikely event of difficulties, our friendly Network-based team is always standing by to help our customers quickly get back on track and back to doing what they need to do online.